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PPC experts at Modern SEO Services are ever-ready to take care of all sorts of your business ads, so your revenue lifts massively.

Make use of Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and of course, Google ads to maximize your reach and target those who are genuinely searching for your goods and services.

Benefits of Getting PPC Advertising from Modern SEO Services

PPC advertising is an excellent solution that helps you get in the limelight instantly. At Modern SEO Services, you get cutting-edge PPC campaign management and consulting, so you enjoy:

Massive Customers

Get a compelling ad copy from us to help you appear at the very top of the SERPs and grab more customers.

Massive Profit

Our professionals streamline all your existing campaigns to lower your cost-per-click and boost the click-throughs.

Massive Calls

Your target leads keep hitting the roof with time and start to convert into actual, paying customers that stay for good.

Massive Qualified Leads

Specify whom you want to show your ads by refining the filters such as demographics, time of the day, location etc., to get qualified leads.

Massive Control

Control the frequency, duration, location, and budget of every ad, just the way you want to get the desired results.

Massive Mobile Customers

Around 50% of the paid search clicks come from mobile devices, so make sure to attract the attention of people on the go.

PPC Services Packages & Pricing

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not apply to PPC campaigns. At Modern SEO Services, we customize the strategies according to your budget and needs.


Google Ads (PPC)

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Improve your website’s visibility in front of the audience actively seeking your goods and value-added services.

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Social Ads

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Leverage the power of social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook to grow your audience and community.

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Social & Search Blend

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Have your very own holistic campaign that combines search and social ads to capitalize on the power of both tools and boost your sales.

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Custom Quote

Customize Your Package with the Following

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Keyword Research

Identify meaningful keywords that generate maximum leads, and capitalize on them to increase your ROI. Our experts research what your customers want to craft a valuable keyword list for you.

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Ad Design and Copy

Your AdWords copy and design must grab your user’s attention in less than 3 seconds. Our creative heads do the trick nicely for you, so your leads and sales only continue to escalate with time.

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PPC Optimization

Optimize the bit positions and cost-per-click of your best keywords to get breakthrough results. Our experts carry out rigorous testing and analysis to make sure you get phenomenal results.

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Complete PPC Audit

Identify novel growth opportunities, and cut back on overspending by deep diving into your existing campaigns. Ongoing audits ensure campaigns become refined and optimized for success.

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Remarketing is a surefire way to target website visitors taking particular actions while roaming your website. Apply this method to find ways to keep them hooked to your website continuously.

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Reporting & Consulting

Find out how well your campaign is doing by getting an in-depth analysis and report. Our professionals offer to consult on different factors such as ROI tracking, so your campaign performs better.

Let Your Customers Know Your Brand

Modern SEO Services’ PPC campaigns are remarkable in getting your business noticed right away.

If you are targeting highly competitive keywords that your competitors are fighting you for, you need to exploit the power of PPC ads. Google Ads backed by different paid advertising strategies can help you get the ball rolling right away.

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